Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Cheese Course - Pinecrest

In my attempt to keep my fat girl inside, where she belongs and shall forever remain, I try to eat super duper healthy on weekdays. I avoid fats, meats, sweets, booze - basically all things delicious. So, come the weekend, the fat girl inside takes over and the girl on the outside lets loose. Enter The Cheese Course - the deprived fat girl inside's paradise. Cheese, carbs, sweetness - oh joy. I visited the Midtown location several months ago and wasn't impressed, however, this visit was pretty epic. Maybe it's the fact I havent indulged in a piece of creamy brie in many moons or that I was so happy hubby was actually in the mood to visit a place with "cheese" in the name, but something about this visit was magical.

The place is adorable - way cuter and roomier than the Midtown spot. The only thing they lack is outside seating, but that's OK since Miami allows comfortable weather for outside seating for 2 weeks out of the year. Also, the staff in this location is much friendlier. I asked a lady about a certain cheese which looked really interesting and called my attention and she promptly offered me a tasting. After falling in love with this mystery cheese I asked about the name and she wasn't sure, so she asked another gentleman who didn't know either but made it his mission to find out. He made a few calls and upon getting his answer he printed me a label with all the 411. That was awesome.
Doing research...

Mystery Cheese: identified as Cahill Porter. Good stuff.

Hubby ordered the Grilled Chicken Breast, which comes warm and dressed up with Fontina, tomatoes, basil pesto, roasted red onions, rosemary aioli, and greens. He fell in love at first bite - I bit too, it was really good. Our only complaint is the "chicken" itself.. it wasn't grilled or fresh, or maybe even chicken at all. It reminded us of chicken from Subway, which we all know isn't chicken. Besides that minor detail it was very good.

I was craving brie and had the same thing I had last time - The Black Forest Ham with Brie, raspberry cranberry relish, and greens. Minus the greens. My sandwich was perfect - next time I will ask for it warm since brie is always better when it's alittle melted. 

We also ordered a ham & cheese quiche, which was very rich and a little salty but very tasty.

Unfortunately they are still pending their wine license so they weren't able to offer us any vino but they were kind enough to give us 2 vouchers for complimentary wine for our next visit. I definitely plan to come back for my vino and to try other goodies on the menu. They also offer a wide vareity of jams, jellies, olives and other yummy things one can pack in a picnic basket before heading for a ladies day at the beach. Bring some Sofia Coppola cans and you got yourself a diva beach party.

Also, this seems like a great place for a wine-less lunch hour escapade with my hungry chicks from work.

The Cheese Course
11355 S Dixie Hwy
Pinecrest, FL 33156
(305) 278-1190

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