Monday, April 2, 2012

Be there - The Fair!

This post will be quite short and nothing fancy - if you're from Miami (as all 11 of my followers are) you know The Fair. As you read "The Fair" you know the catchy tune from the commercials is blaring in your head making you want to kill yourself while secretly craving you favorite Fair treat. Ha!

Every since I was old enough to go without the parentals (and too wise to climb on rides operated by carnie methheads) I have been making my yearly visit to The Fair for the food! Gasp! Yes... the food! The Fair is probably the worst place on the planet to stuff your face. Heaven knows what kind of sanitation enforcement goes on in there; but seriously, who cares? It's The Fair - it's more dangerous to get on the gravitron than eat questionable lamb meat in a Gyro served by a gentleman of Central American descent. We started a tradition a few years back where we make our yearly Fair eating adventure along with my in-laws. My father in-law is my partner in food crime when hubby throws in the towel. He will share anything with me and scarf it down while mentioning something about needing an extra Crestor the next day in between bites - gotta love him! We always take the same route, making a left at the entrance as we dodge picture takers and just following the same path we took the previous years. So, without much further babble, here's a quick recap of our Fair eating adventure, including some bizarre finds I wouldn't dare go near. Enjoy!

Buttery goodness
Heck yes! I need something to washi this all down with

He is handbattering these beastly onions...

And deep frying them...

to golden perfection!

New at The Fair: They dump all contents of a taco into a bag of your favorite chips - a little much, even for me.

One of my yearly faves - it was incredible. Well seasoned, tender meat, great rich sauce.

My first elephat ear - ever! I don't know why they never called my attention. This one was sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and drizzled in fudge. Very yummy! I didn't want to share.

Is it wrong I took a picture of this regal dude with the food setting in my camera?

My new love - fried Oreos!

Best fried Oreos ever - even better than Prime One Twelve's. Super fluffy batter.

Sadly, this little guy left much to be desired. We always leave it for last and this year it didn't allow for the eating adventure to end with it's customary bang.

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