Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sushi Ko

Housed in a rinky dink strip mall across from Tropical Park I have driven past this place about 100 times and never thought about stopping because I am a prejudiced wench who always judges a book by it's cover. A fellow foodie recommended this place - a diva foodie, I may add. A diva foodie who lives way out east and still makes the drive to the slummy hoods west of the Palmetto although said diva lives closer to the beach, Downtown and Brickell where one (OK, I!) would assume there would be a much better selection and higher quality of sushi. But no, no ma'am. Sushi Ko, in this run down strip mall which also houses a D'Or and I'm sure a botanica of sorts, has the best sushi this judgemental wench has ever had. Ever.

Foodie diva friend told me this place was the bomb but that I should only go with a regular if I wanted to truly enjoy it. I decided to take this challenge on and ventured over like a silly tourist prowling through Canal Street looking for a solid Chanel knockoff. The place is really cute - nothing fancy, decor is what I would think a joint in the hoods of Tokyo would look like. Super cute. We sat and were greeted by the friendly waitress who knew the menu left and right and made excellent recommendations. We ordered from their specialty roll menu, which isn't even attached to the menu because it changes often. We ordered a Los Roll, Threesome Roll and a Dragon Roll, to keep it simple. The Los Roll  - avocado, shrimp tempura, masago, onions wrapped in fresh salmon  - started things and what a way to start - my husband's face said it all. He's a picky eater, but after one bite he firmly declared "that's it - nom nom nom - this is it - nom nom nom - new sushi spot for sure." 
Los Roll

The Threesome roll was beautiful -  - comes w/ eel but hubby hates eel so we got tuna, fish katsu, avocado, masago, dynamite sauce wrapped with Rice paper served with eel sauce. The rice paper gives it such an interesting look. The mix of the fillings were so freaking perfect! It was awesome.
Threesome Roll

The fish was fresh, the flavors were on the money, and everything we ate was followed by many aha moments. We are officially hooked and will be returning for our weekly sushi outings until we are considered regulars and can order to my foodie diva friend's standards.

Sushi Ko
7971 Bird RdMiami, FL 33155
(305) 264-6778

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