Monday, June 25, 2012

The Local

I came to The Local last year for a quick bite and some beers with my sister. We thought the place was pretty cool, enjoyed their food (had their burger/frita sandwich, fries, and cuban crackers), and indulged in their beers. The bartender was awesome and very genereous with tastings. You can read about that experience on my Yelp review

So I dragged my husband for date night since we were in a beer and bar food kinda mood. We started out with tastings, again, and decided on a Palm and Reissdorf. Both were ice cold on tap and served in their respective glasses, which is a detail I always appreciate.

Remembering them quite fondly, I ordered the truffle and parmesan fries yet again. They were a little greasier than I remebered but still crispy, thick, and smothered in cheese, scallions and plenty of truffle. These are the best truffle fries I think I've ever had, hands down.

Following that act - the jar of beef jerky. This. Was. Amazing. The beef was very flavorful - tasted very sweet and sour like it was made with Hoisin sauce or some other Asian flavoring. This was my favorite thing all night.

Next up - the fried brie. Don't get excited, it wasnt' amazing, which is a shame because how can brie be anything but. But yes, it's possible. This was their play on mozarella sticks, but with panko, and very, very deep fried. The brie's natural creaminess made it extra greasy, goopy and sloppy to eat. I felt this was a bit sacrilegious and a complete disservice to the brie, but whatevs. It would've been nicer if the brie was a bit firmer and one could dip it into the berry sauce drizzled on the plate.

Next up - mussels with pork belly. I don't know why but this didn't do it for me. It was bland. I need some kick to my mussels. The pork belly was yummy and added a nice fatty touch to the dish. I typically enjoy dipping my bread in the broth but again, the broth was bland.

Lastly - their bread pudding, which I also didn't like. It was super greasy - almost as if they soaked the bread in butter vs. custard. I took 2 obligatory bites and threw in the towel. The flavor was OK, but the greasiness is something I cannot forgive or look past.

Husband was also not a fan, he mentioned something abut having the grease sweats or a coronary obstruction after having this meal. I will be back because I do beleive they have potential and this may have been an off night.

The Local Craft Food & Drink
150 Giralda Ave
Coral Gables, FL 33134
(305) 648-5687

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