Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ernesto's Taco Shop - Kendall

We fell in love with Ernesto's when we moved to the area and spent hours, money and blood, sweat and tears into renovating our new yet very old old home. Actually, my husband and the undocumented workers did, I just delivered the food and supervised.

This place never disappoints. Their guac is fresh and delicious, their quesadillas are always cheesy and melty, their tacos flavorful and filling, and the service is prompt and friendly.

On this visit we ordered our usual favorites. Hubby got his 3 Amigos with chicken, which they actually messed up and gave them to us with chicken, beef and carnitas. To our surpise the beef and carnitas were really good so we were pleased with the error.

I ordered the chicken quesadillas with a side of guac, which is always on the money and hits the spot.

They offer a wide variety of Mexican goodies and treats, so I guess if you're Mexican you can appreciate and indulge in Conchas, seasonings, and other colorful treats that are more than likely not regulated by the FDA.

Ernesto's used to be open 24/7 except for Sundays, but today we noticed they are a 24/7 operation from Thursday to Sunday. This is a great spot to stop at on your way home from "da club" when your belly is grumbling and asking for nourishment after you pop bottles all night. They also serve beer, which you probably don't need if you're stopping here after a night of boozing it up.

Ernesto's Taco Shop
8845 SW 107th Ave
Miami, FL 33176
(305) 412-7250

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