Friday, August 3, 2012


Up until now I thought I could only get my gyro fix on once a year, twice if I risk my life and go to Santa's Enchanted forest (which I haven't set foot in since 1999.) I found this place tucked away in my Yelp bookmarks while looking for a quick, semi-healthy bite in the area. Promising reviews and 2 hungry gyro fiends and we were sold.
Gyroville is a local chain (currently 6 open stores, 3 opening soon) offering "really Greek, really fresh" specialities. Gyroville is a deceiving little place. You walk in to flat screen TVs bearing menus and a walk up counter (think Moe's Southwest Grill or Subway.) It has that fast-food, chain restaurant feel but don't let that fool you. Their menu is small but the possibilities are endless - it's about quality, not quantity, right? They offer sides and sandwiches, but their best option is their "build your own" where you pick your style (pita bread, whole wheat wrap, salad, rice bowl), your protein (gyro, chicken souvlaki, pork souvlaki, falafel), and your sauce (spicy feta, hummus, tatziki - original, red pepper, Mediterranean mustard, jalapeƱo spinach.)

After some deliberation and guidance from the helpful guy at the counter, I decided to stick with a classic and went for the gyro on pita with original tatziki and fresh, hand crumbled feta cheese. My husband had the chicken souvlaki on pita with original tatziki. We also ordered a spinach pie, falafel, fries and chocolate baklava. This may seem like a lot of food but we annihilated every last morsel.

My gyro on pita was amazing. The pita was thick and fluffy (carbs galore but one must live dangerously.) The sauce was tangy and fresh. The gyro was perfection - generous amount of beautifully seasoned meat, sliced to the perfect thickness, and best of all - not greasy! When I think gyro I think Youth Fair, grease, and guilt. This gyro was truly "really Greek, really fresh" as their slogan says.

My husband loved his chicken souvlaki as well. The chicken chunks were aplenty and seasoned well, the veggies were crispy. He scarfed it down with no complaints. Fries were awesome. My husband compared them to Five Guys' fries which was right on and definitely a compliment.

The spinach pie was delicious. It is pressed on a grill and served hot and sliced in 1/2. The phyllo dough was crispy and again, surprisingly not greasy. In short, and I quote my husband, it was "really f&$@ng good."

The falafel was good, but really not that incredible. They were fried on the spot and again, surprisingly not greasy. The filling was a bit tough for my taste, I like my falafel a bit fluffier, but the flavor was right on. It came with a side of tangy sauce (perhaps the red pepper tatziki) which was also very good.

The baklava was sticky, rich and sweet. Really, really, really sweet, the young lady at the counter warned me it was sweet, and being an inner fatty with a hyperactive sweet tooth I could not resist. My only complaint on the baklava was that it was still a bit cold. I believe they may refrigerate it overnight or freeze it. I prefer my baklava at room temp. Either way, it was awesome.

We really enjoyed Gyroville and were thrilled (and nervous) to find out a new location will be opening freakishly close to our home. This is the perfect place to get a guilt-free Greek fix. OPA!

Gyroville - Doral
2801 Nw 87 Ave
Doral, FL 33122
(786) 456-7638

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