Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Brunch @ Route 9

I've been here before for both brunch and lunch. Lunch didn't really do it for me but brunch was incredible. When Voice Daily Deals posted their $25 for $50 deal I jumped on it like a stripper on a pole.

The place is really cute - clean and modern with a cozy feel. They have a couch in the back in front of big screen TV which is nice if you're on a solo mission and just want to have a quiet meal while catching up on CNN. Service is OK - our waitress was a bit neglectful this time (we've had her before and she was on top of her game) but apologized due to the sudden brunch rush so we decided to forgive her.
Their brunch menu is awesome - small, but lots of of variety. We started with the breakfast pastry basket which we remembered fondly. Their basket comes with an assortment of baked goodies but always includes their bacon and maple sticky bun. If there was one thing and one thing alone that. Keeps this place at the top of my list it's this little guy. Sweet buttery phyllo dough rolled in chunks of bacon and sweet maple syrup. The basket also came with a blueberry muffin and two cookies made of coconut of macadamias... I think. Truth is nothing matters when compared with the sticky bun.

I ordered their black bean, egg and chorizo taco, which I've had before and it's so damn good it's worth a repeat. This dish is awesome - the chorizo is spicy, beans add a cooling component to the spice and the yolks on the sunny side up eggs just make everything come together. The house potatoes on the side were quite yum also.

My hubs ordered the smoked salmon scrambled eggs with the green onion pancake. I was also eyeing this on the menu and was glad he ordered it so I could steal some. This dish was something surprisingly special and incredibly delicious. I would never think of putting pungent seafood with eggs but there's something about smoked salmon and it's link to brunch that gave it a hall pass into this dish. The salmon and the cream cheese melting into the pancake was a great combo. The pancake itself was fluffy and mild in flavor which let the salmon and the fresh green onion garnish shine. This was a winner.

We needed something sweet after all the savory goodness so after much deliberation - banana walnut pancakes lost the battle - we went for the brioche French touch with baked apples and spiced whipped cream. Great choice! The brioche was moist but not saturated, the batter was spicy and rich. The whipped cream had a nice hint of something to it - whatever it was it was awesome. The apples were tender and sweet. This just rocked, period.

Despite the mediocre service on this visit this place remains a top choice for brunch in my book.

1915 Ponce De Leon
Coral Gables, FL 33134
(305) 569-9009

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