Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bonefish Brunch

I can honeslty say I have never had a bad meal at Bonefish Grill. I am an absolute sucker for their deliciously lumpy crab cakes, their tuna tataki (which I would kill for but can't eat now due to my child-bearing condition) and their desserts have always been good to me, especially their creme brulee. Needless to say I was ecstatic to discover a tried and true favorite is now serving my absolute favortie meal ever: brunch! Check out the menu, it is quite enticing.
Hubby and I met with mother-in-law for a quick brunch a couple of weekends ago. They start serving at 11:00am so we arrived right on time to find it was us and 3 other tables. I was so excited about the menu and location that I asked for a manager to inquire on private events (baby shower!) during brunch. More on this later.
We ordered a French press coffee (not pictured, sorry, blame the fetus) which was awesome. Strong, rich, and flavorful it hit the spot.
Mother-in-law ordered the yogurt parfait which came topped with colorful fresh berries and granola. The granola was awesome - cinnamony and spicy, crunchy, sweet, bomb! The berries were fresh and sweet, and the yogurt was perfectly tart.

Greek Yogurt Parfait

The fat girl inside (who's slowly creeping up due to my aforementioned condition) just had to have the chocolate croissant. It was pretty big but so damn delicious it was painful to share this with my husband (thank heavens the MIL isn't into sweets!) The dough was flaky and slightly caramelized, the inside was moist and buttery with rich swirls of chocolate. To die.

Chocolate Croissant

MIL and I ordered the same thing - Skillet Omelet with spinach, gorgonzola (she got Mozzarella) and turkey sausage. This came sizzling hot in a cast iron skillet. The portion is pretty large, we both took 1/2 of it home which was awesome the next day.

Skillet Omelet baked frittata-style in an individual skillet with fresh spinach, gorgonzola and turkey sausage

My health conscious husband got the California Omelet which was my second option so I was happy he likes to share (or doesn't have much of a choice with me as his wife...) It was hearty but tasted healthy and was very filling.
California Applewood bacon, cheddar, caramelized onion, tomatoes, avocado

Lastly I ordered the Creme Brulee French Toast which I enjoyed all. by. my. self. I ate 1/2 and took the rest home to enjoy for breakfast the next day (went awesome with the Skillet Omelet.) The bread was nice and caramelized on the outside but spongy on the inside. The mascarpone whipped cream was insane. The bacon was burnt to an inedible crisp so that sucked. I love bacon, especially dipped in maple syrup, so this was quite the let down.

Créme Brulee French Toast Grand Marnier and orange zest battered, served with mascarpone whipped cream, fresh mint, strawberries and bacon


Overall, the food was awesome (minus the bacon) but Bonefish really needs to put their big girl panties on for their brunch service. The food took forever, there was a mixup with our sides (I got fresh fruit vs. cheesy potatoes which I forgot to photograph and BTW they were awesome!) and it was hard to get someone's attention to get a coffee refill and some brown sugar. Our server, whom we've had before during dinner, was incredibly attentive and apologetic for the inconvenienceas. He was manning the place with 2 others, and despite the emptiness when we arrived it started to fill quickly as the minutes went on. He was all over the place trying to accomodate everyone. Poor guy.

I had asked the manager earlier on about possibly hosting my baby shower during brunch which he quickly declined with a snappy "we're not ready for that" or something to that effect. I was thinking "damn dude, you can't take the challenge?" but then realized having hosted one of the most important days of my life there would've done nothing but give me contractions and hormone induced rage.

Bonefish Grill
12520 SW 120th Street
Kendall, FL 33186
(786) 293-5713

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