Monday, November 26, 2012

Blue Collar

This will be brief since the meal wasn't amazing and I'm not in an abusive mood. I wanted some lemon ricotta pancakes and my amazing, loving spouse drove my pregnant behind to the hoods of Biscayne and BFE for just that. I had heard pretty awesome things about the place so I was excited. I love me some brunchy/breakfast goodies so that just added to the joy.  
The place is located in the least glamorous area in the MIA. It's actually a tiny hole in the wall somehow connected to a very shady motel establishment where I can only assume the most illicit entrepeneural transactions take place in the wee hours of the night. Parking sucks. The walkers on the street are creepy. The inside of the place makes you wish you had a hooded poncho to shield yourself (and your 'do) from the greasy mist that percolates. We decided to melt, I mean, eat outside. Umbrellas are limited. Thank goodness my hubs is strong dude and managed to move an umbrella for me so I didn't melt. It's just not a comfortable spot at all. But let's get to the point...

The menu is extensive offering straight up comfort food - do the Deens own this place? Breakfast items a plenty, sandwiches, hearty entrees, and a fantastic variety of vegetarian sides. Since we were there for breakfast, we started with some coffee which presented itself in a very old school thermos type-a thingy with a cute milk-manish bottle on the side. Adorable. The rust on the lip of the thermos, not so much. I don't love tetanus with my caffeine.

My husband ordered BC Breakfast Sandwich - eggs, bacon, latkes. It went back with the quickness due to the inedible amount of grease that leaked on to the plate when he tried to take a bite. The potatoes were also soaked in fat, which was unacceptable.

We ended up sharing my Classic Benedict which was also very greasy and my eggs were dangerously undercooked. Again, the potatoes were inedibly oily and left a puddle wherever they touched the plate. Sadness.

The lemon ricotta pancakes were also quite greasy but since I was craving them I had a few bites and felt satisfied. They were buttery and crispy but not in a yummy way, in a very guiltfilled, repugnant, call my cardiologist kinda way.

I get that the place is all old-school and diner-ish but that is no excuse to make food that makes you feel like shit about eating it and feel disgusted with yourself afterwards. If they were to tone down the lard a bit this would've been a kickass meal. It actually pains me to write a crappy review for a place that has such awesome ratings on Yelp, but I have to be honest. I would give it a second chance but I need a new dining companion because my husband wouldn't ever set foot in here again. Any takers?

Blue Collar
6730 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL 33138
(305) 756-0366

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