Monday, November 26, 2012

El Agave Azul

As I write this post and reminisce on the amazing food we had here I am literally texting my husband and demanding a trip to Davie for some good Mexican grub ASAP. We ended up here while shopping at Ikea. I was Yelping like mad and found this spot via Yelp (as usual.) This place is located in a dingy strip mall next to a questionable bar and other shady most awesome places typically are.
Don't expect anything fancy once you walk into this little spot. It is bare with zero decor or Mexican flair because these people aren't in the business of cute and cozy, they are in the business of making the best damn Mexican food ever. The picture I took sucks so here's a link to their menu

My favorite thing about this place and the one thing that haunted my dreams and made me come back the following week (with a fabricated "I gotta return something @ Ikea" story) was the guacamole. This is really and truly the best guacamole I've ever had. It is fresh, chunky, tangy, and full of flavor. There's plenty of cilantro & lime. Get a big tub. And some to take home. Trust me.

Next up I had tacos - carne asada, avocado, and cheese. I don't like lettuce or tomato (it's a texture thing I can't get past) so it was nice and plain just how I like it. The beef was tender and flavorful. The avocado was chunky and creamy. The tortillas must be made in house because they tasted like there's a 4 ft abuela named Guadalupe in the back making them herself.  
I also had a sope, which is something new I've never even heard of. This chunky, deep fried, mass of deliciousness came topped with carne asada, quese fresco, and refried beans. The "small, thick, corn tortilla" as it is described on their menu was just that - chunky and cripsy and really freaking good. It was warm so it went very nicely with the cool queso fresco.
My husband had chicken tacos which he really enjoyed. I really didn't pay much attention to him since I was busy devouring my sope, tacos, and keeping a watchful eye on him to make sure he didn't eat all the delicious guac. He often says he feels like he's eating in prison with me because I always have my eye on the food (sorry babe!)

Lastly - dessert! These adorable little goodies were stacked on a basket on the counter. They sat there so innocently just begging to be picked up, like a hungry kitty cat on the street. To the left we have tiny little caramel filled, cinnamon sugar dusted empanadas. To the right, powdery, buttery cookies that must have been made by Guadalupe's younger sister, Lupita. They were amazingly fresh and tasted authentic and home made.

It's a shame this place is so far from my 'hood but if you make a day out of it - Ikea, Sawgrass, whatever you fancy - the drive is absolutely worth it. The food is fresh, authentic, flavorful, amazing!

El Agave Azul
13040 W State Rd
Davie, FL 33325
(954) 530-4321

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