Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Federal Food Drink & Provisions

I've had this place bookmarked on Yelp forever but was always too lazy to make the drive out to this neck of the woods. The Federal Food Drink & Provisions offers food unlike anything I've ever had in Miami. Eating here reminded me of meals I've had in hardcore foodie cities such as Napa, San Fran, and Philly. Meals that always make me say "remember the ____ at ____? Damn that was the bomb!" when eating something similar that doesn't hold a candle to the original. Not to be a traitor to my 'hood, but I really didn't think food like this existed in Miami, much less in a dingy strip mall next to a Dunkin Donuts. This meal was one of the best meals I've had in a long, long time. Service was excellent, the place was charming and comfortable, and the food... oh, the food.

We arrived shortly after they opened and were lucky enough to have scored a table in a sea of tables displaying "Reserved" signs. People, make a reservation! This place filled up fast and furious. We were fascinated by the ambiance and decor - funky, woodsy, cozy - felt like a roadside diner in a wooded area somewhere in the Carolinas. They also have outside seating, but sitting inside amongst the jacklopes really adds to the experience. The staff - all wearing plaid and jeans - were extremely courteous and attentive.

We started off with some beers - a free one courtesy of my Yelp check-in. The waiter brought us an old favorite, Magic Hat #9, along with a recommendation from the bartender - White Rascal. White Rascal wasn't our thing - it was kind of spicy - so we requested another Magic Hat which came out quickly and without an issue. Cheers!

We looked through the menu and were a bit bamboozled - so much to choose from! After reading through some reviews and blogs to assist in my decision making process, we decided to start with the Cheese Biskits, the Shrimp & Grits and the Jar-O-Duck.

The Biskits were huge. Big, fluffy, soft, doughy delicousness covered in melted cheese, honey and coarse salt bits. The dough had a rich buttermilky taste, and the melted cheese added to the indulgence. It came with a side of Vermont butter which added the perfect touch of silky moisture and hint of buttery flavor.

The Shirmp & Grits were out of control. Chunky, thick meaty pieces of Creole style shrimp laid upon a fluffy yet very crisp bed of cheesy grits. The greens on the side were awesome - and I hate greens. They were leafy but perfectly wilted and seasoned delicately. It came in a hot skillet which made the bottom crisp the grits giving it nice texture.

Now - the star of the show. A nice guy who works here said "get the duck, it changed my life." I am all for trying new things, however myhusband isn't as daring and shot me a "you're on your own" look. The Jar-O-Duck is accompanied by crisp slices of toast, caramelized sweet potato and a dash of perfectly charred marshmallow fluff. I layered on the duck, a bit of sweet potato, and smothered it with the fluff as instructed by the lady (chef?) who brought it out. Holy Moses. This eclectic mix of flavors - all so different but so perfect together - sent my tastebuds and all senses over the edge. The duck was so tasty, the sweet potato and marshmallow brought everything together so perfectly, and the toast added a nice crisp touch even though it's purpose is to serve as a vessel for the masterpiece that is the combination of these items. After nagging enough, I finally got my husband try it and before I knew it, he was spreading duck like a mad man saying "look what you got me doing." He loved it so much he said "this could be dessert," to which I quickly replied "yes, it could.... but it's not." If the food is this good I didn't want to even fathom the thought of skipping dessert here.

hideous picture, but you get the point

After much consideration we decided to skip the main course and go straight for dessert. My heart ached as I grieved the desire of devouring their lamb burger, but I was so full I knew I would'nt enjoy dessert if I had another savory morsel. We decided to shoot for the Banana Bread Pudding. This dessert was excellent - not too sweet, not mushy, good firm texture drenched in a creamy sauce and caramel. It came topped with chocolate chips which melted in my mouth and chunks of fresh, sweet banana. Awesomeness at it's best.

In summary, this place is awesome. I plan to go back this week for their Brews & Bellies event (info on their Facebook page) and will most definitely be back for their Sunday brunch - the menu is unique and filled with awesomeness. More reviews to come!

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