Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rock That Burger

Rock That Burger is owned by the same brothers & sister crew who birthed Yellow Submarine food truck. They have now parked the truck and hung their keys to serve good grub at their brick and mortar location. Sadly and shamefully, I had never had their food until this day. Shameful as I call myself a food truck following foodie. The place is tiny but clean. The walls are sprawled with music posters and a flat screen TV playing UFC (love!) when we went stopped by on a Saturday night. The place was pretty dead though - just us 2 and another table. The girl at the register was super friendly and helpful with the menu.

I went for the Paradise City Dog and husband had the Breakfast Burger. Pregnancy has brought out 2 nasty cravings for me: burgers and hot dogs. FML. As it is, I love me some Colombian hot dogs - which I can guiltlessly devour while inebriated. Pregnancy has made me inhale these things like a drunken pata sucia at Los Perros Aqui at 4am on a Saturday. Anyways, I digress..... My hotdog was pretty damn awesome. Thick juicy all beef hot dog, nice bread, prefect toppings. I like a quail egg on my Colombian Perros but I won't ding them for that since everyone does things differently. Everything on my dog was perfection. Their pineapple sauce had an applesauce consistency which was delish. I wasn't sold on the fries but whatevs - I found them to taste super oily and tasting like pure fryer oil.

Paradise City Hot Dog

My husband's burger was also awesome - bacon, cheese, and a fried egg. Be serious. The patty itself was very well seasoned, which is a rarity these days since most places dump a frozen patty on a griddle and call it a burger. Shame. He ranted and raved about it and he was right, it was really freaking good. Good thing he shares.

Breakfast Burger

This place is a perfect alternative to other Colombian hot dog joints in the area. You will not have to deal with Kendallicious chongivities when you come here. And you can walk a few stores down and reward yourself with a cake pop from Ali's Sweet Treats afterwards just like I did.

Rock That Burger
7138 SW 117 ave
Kendale Lakes, FL 33183
(305) 279-2110

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