Tuesday, October 9, 2012

ROK:BRGR South Miami

As I mentioned before, pregnancy has made me fantasize about burgers day in and day out. As much as I try to control my urges in my efforts to stay fit and fab even while requiring a higher daily caloric intake because I am creating human life within me, I sometimes throw in the towel and indulge. My work BFF's, or my Circle, or the "hungry chicks" as I have affectionately referred to them in many of my reviews, have a tradition in which we all take the birthday girl out on their birthday for a dinner after work. Preggo wants burgers? Preggo gets burgers!
ROK:BRGR is a new (was new on my bday, this review is way old) burger spot located in the now defunct Segafredo's spot in SoMi. They offer an extensive craft beer menu (not fun for preggo people who love their beer!) with good happy hour specials which my friends got to enjoy. We went early on a Friday and the crowd was nice, mostly young people getting off work in the area and heading for a drink and a bite.
Since our crew is serious about our eating, we were not shy in ordering. Like always, the waiter made a comment about "a lot of food" which we quickly dismissed. Must people assume that because you don't weight 600lbs you can't do some damage? Damn!
Here's a quick recap of our indulgences:

PRIMO’S MEATBALLS: san marzano marinara, whipped ricotta, fresh basil.
Not our favorite. Meat was bland, gray, and mushy. We joked it was old burger meat... which could've been.

MINI KOBE HOT DOGS: house-made chili, aged vermont cheddar, cilantro sour cream.
Delicious! Nice toasty buns, good weiners, melted cheese and nice meaty chily. Sour cream was a great add in.

LOBSTER CORN DOGS: hand battered, spicy honey mustard.
These were awesome. They were fresh, lobster flavor was on the money, and the sauce was very good.

MAC N’ CHEESE: gruyère & fontina cheese, truffle oil.
Delicious! Very truffly, rich, creamy.

TUNA TACOS: ahi tuna, avocado, seaweed, jalapeno vinaigrette.
These went back to the kitchen - they weren't fresh. The tuna was gray and they tasted very fishy (according to my peeps, I can't eat raw fish for now.)

THREESOME:combination of hand cut, sweet potato & truffle fries.
We all loved these. Especially the truffle fries. Each ketchup is a different flavor which was fun to mix things up. One was chipotle, one was pineapple, and the other escapes my mind right now.

ROK CALAMARI: lightly fried, sweet chili sauce, cherry peppers.
Small portion but good sized pieces with nice sauce. We ordered 2.

BACON JAM: american "kobe", maple bourbon bacon jam, brie cheese.
x3. YUM! Perfect combo of sweet and salty. Meat was seasoned well and cooked perfectly.

Lastly, my birthday cake. This massively ooey-gooey brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, fudge, blueberries and serious fireworks came to the table accompanied by some serious birthday tunes. The brownie was out of control.... crispy edges and decadently moist inside. The ice cream was rich and so good with the warm brownie. 

I heart them all.

Overall the food was really good, the vibe was nice, service was excellent. I had actually forgotten about how much I loved the place until now (that's what I get for being 6 weeks late on a review) so I am planning a return visit very soon.

5800 SW 73rd St
Miami, FL 33143
(305) 663-6099

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