Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Primal Diet Plan

If you follow my blog you know I am all about indulgence and fatassness. Fried, gooey, overpoweringly sweet, delicious fatassness. However, I do have to keep with my blog's namesake and somehow stay fit and fab amidst the delicious temptation that is life, especially post baby. I recently went back to work after an amazing 5 month maternity leave. Working full time and being a mommy is a lot work... Cooking? Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!

I discovered The Primal Diet Plan as I visited my neighbor and saw a dude pull up to her house and swap out a red cooler like some sort of Cocaine Cowboy drug deal. Paleo meal delivery? No cooking? Nightly delivery? I was sold.

The Primal Diet Plan is a paleo cantina service delivering all natural, locally sourced paleo meals to your door Sunday through Thursday. Meals arrive in a red cooler which you leave at the door for a nightly swap. Packages are reusable and recyclable...delicious and environmentally responsible, gotta love it! They offer a breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks option or a modified plan based on your specific needs. We order dinner, lunch and a snack for hubby, I get breakfast, dinner and a snack. I have the dinner for lunch since I find their dinner selections heartier and I much rather have something light for dinner. I sometimes swap for the lunch option since some of their lunch selections are really good - chicken stuffed zucchini boats are one of my favorites.

The program is awesome! Customer service is in point. Jeanette, chef/creator/owner, is quick to answer emails and works quickly to ensure your needs are met. Their meals vary weekly so you do not get bored with their selection. Delicious substitution options are available in the event there is something you don't particularly love on the menu that day (I have grown quite fond of their turkey patty and cauliflower mash.)

The food is amazing! You probably think paleo and think sticks, leaves, and some bland ass chicken. No sir, this stuff is seriously hearty, filling, and packed with flavor.

Because I am still a fatass and tend to become overly excited over food, I haven't been able to take pics of all my Primal Diet Plan meals to share with my blog. Shameful but I make no apologies. Here's a couple of pics.

Their spaghetti squash and meatballs is a favorite! The meatballs and super juicy, flavorful, and chunky. The squash is cooked perfectly. Their tomato sauce is to die for! Another amazing "pasta" dish is their Pasta Carbonara. Spaghetti squash "pasta" with chunks of ham and a creamy bacon sauce that totally fools your taste buds.

Another favorite is their lechon. Super moist, flavorful, delicious! Onions are tender and saturated with the taste of delicious pork. This dish is served with a pumkin "tamal" which was also very good. In fact, my apologies to the spaghetti squash but the lechon wins the favorite award in my book.

Their skirt steak and squash medley was also very good. The steak was seasoned well and very tender, even after nuking. The colorful squash on the side was beautiful and yummy.

Their nuts crusted chicken nuggets and parsnip "fries" was a nice surprise. I had never had parsnip and this funny little root veggie won me over with it's potato like texture and sweet flavor. The nuggets were juicy and the crust was awesome. The moisture from the nuts (tee-hee!) made it feel indulgent, almost like eating some deep fried nuggest from a heart-clogging dining establishment.

Bacon wrapped fish... Perfect little savory snack.

Shredded chicken and "primal hummus." Not sure what this was made of but it was incredibly flavorful, fresh, and delicious.

Mexican chicken salad. So fresh and so flavorful. The chicken was juicy and plenty. The salsa was fresh and tangy.

My absolute favorite snack is the pecan stuffed bacon wrapped dates. To die for. Sweet and savory and creamy from the pecans. So delicious you can't beleive it's good for you.
Another favorite is their sweet treats. Their almond cookies are awesome. They are so yummy you don't even feel like you're eating paleo. Another favorite - the coconut macaroons. These were too good to photograph because I inhaled my portion like it was my last meal on earth. I also love their pumpkin blondie, devil's food cake (to die for!) and their peach cobbler.
almond cookies

I also love their breakfast treats... pumpkin pecan pancakes (not pictured because those were inhaled fast!), steak wrap, kilbasa and egg muffins, spanish tortilla with cantimpalo & ham, continental style berry muffins (yes, they are paleo but they will make you question life because they are so damn good), Scottish Eggs... everything is awesome.

kilbasa and egg muffins
spanish tortilla with cantimpalo & ham
Scottish Eggs

I must admit that I have not adhered to a complete Paleo diet because although I am one vain bitch who takes pride in staying slim and fabulous I am also a fat girl inside and must have my nightly Nutella and weekend indulgences. I have, however, managed to be as paleo as possible during the week (Nutella is paleo in my house!) and have not gained any weight in the 8 weeks I have been with the program even without setting a foot in the gym.

For more info on the Paleo diet and to check out their plans and options, visit their website

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