Thursday, July 19, 2012

Le Boudoir

The moral of this sad story is that I need to learn to read my Groupons. With that said, this will be brief as the experience was not tres magnifique but it wasn't a total merde either. I purchased a deal through Groupon so we decided to venture out for lunch on a rainy Sunday.

Le Boudoir is a cute little French spot on Miracle Mile. The place is adorable - pinks and blacks and really beautiful tall French doors. It really did remind me of my very brief stay in Paris last year. They offer an extensive menu offering French specialities as well as other not so Frenchy items for those picky eaters.

I started with the French Onion Soup. Oh mon Dieu! This soup was out of control. Super duper cheesy, super tasty, onions were perfect, broth was rich... drool. An incredible way to start off our meal. Really and truly the best FOS I've ever had.  

Next up - escargot and brie. Ugh. Sounded so nice on paper but once I saw this I knew I made a mistake in not ordering it in buttery garlic sauce instead. The brie did nothing for this dish. The escargot itself wasn't very flavorful. Best part of this dish, a massive ball of sandy dirt in one of my snails. It was so bad I had to excuse myself to the ladies' room to spit it out and rinse my mouth out several times. I let our waitress know. She seemed to care. No, she didn't.

We ordered a Quiche Lorraine. INice sized portion, very fluffy and cheesy with chunks of bacon. This came served with a salad with no pizzaz.

Husband ordered Mahi-Mahi Grille with fennel salad and avocado. The fish was uber salty. He barely touched it.

I ordered a Croque Madame which came with fries. Fries were not amazing. Sandwich was bland. Oh boy.

Lastly we ordered macaroons because they are supposed to be amazing here. Thankfully, they were quite yummy.

Husband also wanted to try their tiramisu. It was stale like cardboard so back it went. The nice man now taking care of us said "they just got it today." And I'm sure they did, from the depths of freezer hell.

As we waited for what seemed like forever for our check, the careless waitress finally stopped by with it. I handed her my phone with my Groupon and she informed me that my voucher was for dinner only. Yep, it sure was. When I asked for the manager in an attempt to talk my way out of this one, he cheerfully turned down my request and suggested I come back for dinner. I told him I didn't think I would be coming back and voiced my complaints. When I mentioned the sandy snails incident he looked as if he had bit into one of them himself. Apparently the careless waitress failed to mention this minute detail. He was very accomodating and made several adjustments to our check resulting in a generous discount for our less than stellar meal. He handed us our new bill with a sincere apology and made me want to give them another shot. I will be returing to Le Boudoir and hope to give them a better review next time.

Le Boudoir - Coral Gables
169 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables, Florida 33134
T: 305.442.0801

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