Monday, October 15, 2012

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

Because this entry is ridiculously late and because of my mad photog skills, I will keep this entry short and sweet. Pardon the laziness.
When you're newly pregnant and still "in the closet" as my mom called it, it is pretty hard to celebrate your big 3-0 in your former lushy ways without being questioned by your fellow drinking buddies as to why you're not guzzling beers. My birthday conveniently landed on a Monday (the Monday of the devastating Hurricane Isaac fiasco) so my dear husband and I took a rainy drive to SoBe for a quiet dinner. We made an early bird reservation for 7:00pm and we were the only ones in the place for about 5 minutes. This place filled up quick so make a reservation or suffer the consequences. Ambiance is nice - its exactly what you expect, very southern, beautiful tables, farmhouse feel.
The menu boasts "soul nurturing dishes meant for sharing amongst friends" which is exaclty what you get. (Note: these people change their menu with what's in season and what's available at the farm that day. I usually cheat with my reviews but referring back to the menu when I forget an item's description but failed miserably with this since this review is almost 2 months old.) Lots of variety and lots to share. Their drink menu is also extensive, all bourbon mostly, but a nice variety of mixed bourbon drinks. Due to my current "condition" I had the virginal version of the Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade which was tart and sweet and super duper refreshing. I will be back for a real one post-baby. 
We ordered a ridiculously good soup - crab and corn chowder I think? Which was amazing. Creamy and rich.  I don't recall what the fritter in the middle is but I remember I loved it and want it now.
Mama’s Chicken Biscuits were the bomb, biscuits were fresh and fluffy and very buttermilky. The fried chicken was fried crisp and was juicy and tender inside. The pepper jelly was a nice boom in your mouth. I now want this too. Damnit.
My husband had the Iceberg Wedge, I hate lettuce but I did try the avocados and house made bacon and it was also very good.
We shared the Short Rib Meatloaf which we found dry and disappointing. I think about it now and scrunch my face and feel like flossing, it was so damn dry. Meat fibers were tough and grainy.
We debated on another dish but decided to "behave" and go straight for dessert. We had the peach cobbler with butter pecan ice cream which was fantastic, along with the chocolate and bacon whoppie pie which was super duper rich, overwhelmingly rich actually, but yummy nontheless. The side of milk it came with was the perfect way to wash it down. That thing was serious.
Peach Cobbler

Food porn at it's finest!
Besides the meat loaf everything was yummy. I will definitely be back. Perhaps for brunch, their menu looks really good.

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar
1600 Lenox Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 538-5220

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